Facial treatments are designed to keep the face clean, beautify, firm, tone and regenerate it.

Facial treatment

Semi-permanent make-up is a micro-pigmentation technique. It is ideal to remain impeccable in all circumstances.

Semi-permanent make-up

Eyelashes extensions allow you to enhance your look while maintaining a natural effect.

Eyelashes extensions

The perm gives the lashes a natural curve that opens and illuminates the eyes.

Eyelashes treatment

These tinctures are ideal for people with light eyelashes and eyebrows because they accentuate the look.

Eyelashes and eyebrows dyeing

The different massage techniques each have their own specificity and guarantee optimal relaxation.


Nailcraft is the ideal place to personalize your nails with the latest nail art innovations.

Nail art

These treatments provide a perfect beauty boost for sunny days with soft, well-kept hands and feet.

Foot and hand care

The semi-permanent varnish is ideal for coloured and shiny nails for 15 days.

Semi-permanent varnish

The women and men's cuts are trendy and in accordance with your personality.

Women and men's cut

Shampoos and brushings enhance your hair and give it an orderly and structured appearance.

Shampoos & brushings

The various treatments with keratin or caviar extract make the hair silky and shiny immediately.

Hair care

The colouring techniques used are guaranteed to be ammonia-free for a luminous result without damaging the hair.


Smoothing and straightening provide long-lasting results without damaging the hair.

Hair straightening

Tailor-made hairstyles for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, parties or any other event.